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Terms & Conditions

Please Read Our Policy 

Pricing Policy: We maintain a firm but reasonable pricing policy for our products. When  purchasing one of our items, we conduct a thorough quality inspection. We strongly  encourage buyers to inspect the item before completing the purchase. Upon receipt, we  will have you sign an acknowledgment confirming that you received the item as  advertised. You have 48 hours after the purchase's completion to return the item. Before  issuing a refund, we will visually inspect the item to ensure it matches the one originally  sold. 

Warranty Policy: Our commitment to firm pricing aligns with our values of building a  loyal customer base. We aim to provide peace of mind to our customers by offering a  warranty. While we understand that not everything lasts forever, loyalty remains  precious. What does our warranty include? 

• A certification with the model and serial number of the item. 

• A one-year warranty from the date of purchase. 

• Coverage for RAM (memory), battery, and SSD/HDD replacements, free of charge  as our commitment to you. 

Please note that any additional services such as display repair or keyboard replacement  are not covered under this warranty and will be subject to a service fee. We retain a  copy of the warranty as a backup option in case the document is lost. 

Owners should be aware that we strongly recommend backing up any data you do not  want to lose to another drive or cloud provider. If you seek a replacement for any  components covered by the warranty, we will replace them with the same brand or  similar items of the exact size originally sold. 

We are not responsible for any loss of data, hardware damage, or malfunctions beyond  the intended use of our products, whether accidental or intentional. We reserve the  right to waive our warranty if we believe the damage goes beyond the product's  intended purpose. 

Privacy Statement: We do not collect or share any personal information related to our  business practices or our clients with third parties or anyone else. However, please note  that this exclusion does not apply if such information violates the CCPA or local and 

federal laws that require legal prosecution. This includes cases where our products are  used for bullying, harassment, harm, or violations of laws or human rights. For  additional information, please refer to the Privacy Act of 1974. 

Any data we store is solely related to the product and its associated warranty. This  information will not be shared with anyone outside our organization. 

Payment Options: We accept PayPal, Cash App, Venmo, or cash as payment methods.  Please note that we do not accept partial payments or down payments. 

Payment Deadline: If a customer does not have the necessary funds required for the  purchase, we will hold the product for a maximum of 48 hours until the full payment is  received. We reserve the right to sell the product to another party if this criterion is not  met. 

Payment Deadline extension: If a customer does not have the necessary funds at the  end of the deadline, they can request an extension for up too an additional 48 hours. If  this extension is to be exceeded, then we have the right to cancel the transaction and  relist the item for sale again. 

Repeat Failure to Fulfill Payment Obligations: In the event that a customer or  customers engage in multiple transactions but fail to fulfill their payment obligations,  the company reserves the right to deny services at its discretion. Additionally, the  company may choose to blacklist individuals who persistently violate this policy 

Receipt of Purchase in person/local pickup: Upon completing your purchase, you will  be asked to sign two copies of the receipt: one for your records and the other for our  company. 

Product Information and Questions: We are happy to provide any additional  information or answer any questions you may have regarding the product. 

Product Condition: However, please be aware that the items available for purchase are  used and refurbished. In the event of any issues or problems, you can reach out to us at  any time for resolution.

Shipping: At Coppes Electronics, we strive to provide exceptional service from the moment  you place your order to the safe delivery of your products. Our shipping arrangements are  designed to ensure a seamless and secure experience for our valued customers. 

• Free Shipping Threshold: Enjoy free shipping on all orders totaling $250 or more. For orders  below $250, standard shipping rates apply. 

• Signature Requirement: For your peace of mind, all items valued above $100 will require a  signature upon delivery. This ensures proof of delivery and protects against potential loss or  theft. 

• Insurance Coverage: Rest assured, all shipments are fully insured against loss or damage during  transit. In the rare event that your package is tampered with or arrives in a damaged condition,  please promptly report it to our dedicated customer support team for assistance. 

• Return Policy: Customers are responsible for return shipping costs for items being returned for  reasons other than damage or malfunction. Please note that returned items must be in their  original condition and packaging to be eligible for a refund or exchange. 

• Refund Policy: In the unlikely event that you receive a damaged or non-functional product from  our end, we will promptly issue a refund for the affected items. Our goal is your complete  satisfaction with every purchase. 

• Warranty Repair Shipping: Customers are responsible for shipping costs associated with  sending products in for warranty repairs. Please ensure that the item is securely packaged to  prevent any further damage during transit. 

By adhering to these shipping arrangements, we aim to provide you with a hassle-free shopping  experience while ensuring the safety and security of your orders every step of the way. 

For any questions or concerns regarding shipping, returns, or warranties, please don't hesitate  to contact our customer support team. Your satisfaction is our priority. 

Additional Information: Please note that additional details will be provided with our  warranty certificate. 

Returning loyal customers 

We love seeing old friends stop by to say hi every once in awhile. But when they stop by  to purchase another one of products, we would offer 10% discount on ALL items on the  store.  

Go ahead and get smart!

We offer 20% discount on all products for schooling, college or  returning back to school! 

If interested please reach out to my personal email for information.

Payment Methods

Payment Methods

- Credit / Debit Cards

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